Travel Tips to Yogyakarta during the 2020 Pandemic

liburan ke Yogyakarta

Every year there is always a long vacation time that we can take advantage of to get away from work and work for a moment, we usually take advantage of the moment of leave together for a vacation out of town. During this pandemic, of course, there are special requirements for tourists who want to take a vacation out of town, namely checking their health conditions, so that their intention is not to take a vacation to hurt their loved ones by transmitting the deadly disease COVID-19. Yogyakarta Mayor Haryadi Suyuti said that

Please visit Yogyakarta, but make sure that you are in good health. Health identification also needs to be carried so that there are no clusters of transmission from the long holiday.

What needs to be prepared before a vacation to Yogyakarta

Prepare a health identity, namely the results of a rapid test that shows non-reactive results or a swab test that shows negative results. Accommodation business actors such as hotels and inns will also ask for the results of the rapid test and/or swab during check-in.

And what must always be done is to apply health protocols in a disciplined manner.

The Yogyakarta government will also cooperate with the TNI and police to carry out routine patrols. If the authorities find people who do not comply with health protocols such as not wearing masks, they will be subject to reprimands, social work sanctions, and a fine of Rp. 100,000. Businesses that do not comply with health protocols will be subject to closure sanctions.

The local tourism office has also made it mandatory for businesses to have a license to open a business by complying with existing health protocols. So, tourists must be smart in choosing places to stay, tourist destinations, and places to eat that have implemented good and strict health protocols for mutual security.

Apart from being obliged to implement health protocols, the government also scans QR codes for tourists and asks to fill incomplete personal data, this is aimed at an easier tracing process later, if anything happens. The limitation on the number of visitors was implemented so that too many crowds did not occur so that they could still maintain a specified distance. The Malioboro area is one example, in this area has been divided into 5 zones and each zone has a maximum capacity of 500 visitors at a time. This QR code scan can also be used to monitor the number of visitors at that location.


Holidays are indeed fun, especially with loved ones, sometimes when it is time that requires us not to be free to do things like normal days, for example, at this time in the pandemic period which requires us to always comply with existing health protocols. So, obey the existing rules and enjoy your vacation to Yogyakarta. Apart from going to Yogyakarta, you can also try a trip to Bandung.

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